Lens Recommendations

Drill Mounts

Drill Mount Recommendations

Drill-mount frames are more popular than ever and manufacturers are racing to produce these popular products.
And with many styles of lenses to choose from, we receive many questions about what would be best
for the patient. Based on our experience and the release of several new materials, we would like to offer the following guidelines for producing the best possible product using the latest technology:

Choices In Order Of Preference

Phoenix 1.53 Index (Trivex)
Just released, this new material combines the best attributes of polycarbonate and CR39. Trivex is lighter than polycarbonate and offers superior optics with great STRENGTH! With an abbe value of 43, it is far better than polycarbonate with only 29.

It can be ordered in a 1.3mm with coating. It soaks up tint and has a strong hard-coat to reduce scratches. It is great for drilling and polishing to a beautiful "jewel-like" luster. Trivex is very heat resistant and maintains its original shape in a variety of conditions and comes with UV. Meeting ANSI Z87.1, this new material has the strongest impact resistance and is great for children. Unaffected by  common household chemicals (including acetone), this new material will become the standard. Product availability;

  • Single Vision- Aspheric and Spherial
  • Progressive- Hoya Wide and Image
  • Photochromic- Hoya Wide Transitions Next Generation

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Custom Clips

WCO can provide custom edged and mounted sun-clips in various styles and colors. We stock both the Made in the ShadesTM and other custom fit clip-ons. We also offer Hilco and stock clips.

For Custom Clips:

  • Pricing Includes Edging and Finishing. All prices are net.
  • Because each clip is custom fit, please send the frame.
  • Made in the Shades-Choice of Black or Gold Chassis, in either the
  • antomClipTM or UltimateClipTM.  Gold Chassis can be tinted to match the frame color.
  • Unless noted, lenses come in 6 base - we also stock gray polycarbonate 8 base.
  • Product point of purchase displays, brochures. static tags, window decals and samples are available.

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